The purpose of this blog is to share some items from my archive of material around the Internationale Situationniste and its aftermath. Rather than sharing items that are viewed as expensive, I will focus on unusual editions and material of scholarly interest. The archive will eventually be donated to a major library.

Ce blog a pour vocation de donner un apercu de mon archive autour de l’Internationale Situationniste et ses lendemains. Plutot que des ouvrages de valeur, je compte partager des editions ou textes rares ou interessants pour les chercheurs. L’archive fera l’objet d’un don a une bibliotheque specialisee en temps et en heure.

Contact: elhajoui .AT. gmail .DOT. com


13 thoughts on “About”

  1. vincent meessen said:

    je travaille à un projet pour al Biennale de Venise 2015 qui touche
    à une page méconnue de l’IS (présence de Congolais) et serais heureux de pouvoir rentrer en contact avec vous.
    Vincent Meessen
    +32 496 27 41 47

  2. Jonathan A said:

    Thank you for sharing these materials. It’s informative and helpful to see such scarce items, especially for someone who has been reading the SI for a few years, as the amount of things generally presented online are generally far less expansive then your collection.

    As a fellow reader of the situationists, could I make a proposal? Could you make sure to publish an annotated bibliography (with as many illustrations as possible) of the material you have collected? The entries you have written are excellent, so I’m sure you may have already considered this. I’m also sure a gallery or bookstore could showcase parts of your collection, and would assist in the publishing of the bibliography/catalog.

    Could I make a second proposal? Have you considered the possibility of printing facsimile editions of any of these items? I think that if you made the venture to printed attractive and nice facsimile editions of the scarce but significant items you have, it would be quite pleasing to a number of readers. I know that Editions Allia made a facsimile of the Memoires and Fin de Copenhague, and they look good, but since you have variants, it might even make sense to send such things that have been reprinted again to the printer. To further the idea, if you subsidized the project, and made, say, 20-50 items in facsimile of 1000 copies, and reserved three fourths of the print run to be sent off to anarchist and anti-authoritarian bookstores, distros, and publishers (Active Distribution, Autonomedia, Little Black Cart, Editions Senonevero, Editorial Klinamen, Riff-Raff) to be sold at cost, or at the lowest price possible, a lot of readers of the SI – and many who are around my age, late 20’s to early 30’s – would be extremely appreciative.

    Just thought I would make two proposals before you send all the material to an archive/research library.

    Thank you again for putting the material online, it’s great to see the items and know they exist.

  3. Hi Jonathan,

    I am not sure how this happened, but I just saw this message – my very sincere apologies for the delay. I want to write an appropriate reply, but can’t find your email address. Could you put it here or email it to me at elhajoui AT.. gmail DOT…com?

    Thank you and looking forward to sending you a full response soon



  5. La revue internationale. Cahier n°1. Téléchargement libre et sans copyright / The international review. Booklet n°1. Free download and without copyright.


    • Merci – existe-t-il un exemplaire papier pour mes archives ?

      • Bonjour. Nous sommes en contact avec un éditeur, mais pour l’instant il n’existe que la version pdf. Elle est un peu lourde, mais c’est pour que celles et ceux qui voudraient l’imprimer trouve un document de haute qualité. Fraternellement.

      • On vient d’ajouter une version légère, téléchargement très facile et rapide.

  6. “trouvent”…

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