This post is a little different. I would like to pay a tribute to lesser-known members of the SI (i.e., figures beyond Debord and Vaneigem) by sharing some videos that showcases their works and lives:

Ralph Rumney:

Ralph Rumney, artiste situationniste méconnu (Marseille)

Brief video account of the Rumney exhibit at the Centre International de Poesie in Marseille a few years ago. A rare chance to glimpse at some of Rumney’s works:


Derive Gallizio

A short video tribute to Giuseppe Pinot-Gallizio, a most original artist (“l’artiste libre est un amateur professionnel”) and short-lived member of the SI.


Michele Bernstein – “Tous les Chevaux du Roi”

A fabulous interview of Michele Bernstein who speaks to Pierre Dumayet in 1960. Beautiful, charming, and witty, Bernstein is an oft-overlooked member of the SI.