Dear readers,

It has recently come to my attention that some of you would like to have a high-level view of my holdings. This will allow you to make requests, should you like a particular item scanned or featured on the blog.

Thanks and hope this proves helpful




1. The prequel: the Internationale Lettriste (~25 items)

• Ion: Centre de Creation (issue 1; full run)
• Les Levres Nues (issues related to the Lettristes – 7, 8 and 9; incomplete run)
• Potlatch (issues 20-30; incomplete run)
2. The Internationale Situationniste (~500 items)

2.1 Works by the Internationale Situationniste – ~150 items, including:
• Internationale Situationniste (issues 1-12; full run including two printings of issue #2)
• Situationist International: Review of the American Section (issue 1; full run)
• Situationistisk Revolution (issues 1-3; full run including all supplements)
• Internazionale Situazionista (issue 1; full run)
• De la Misere en Milieu Etudiant ( 50+ editions in 15+ languages) – the most comprehensive archive of this publication that we know of. The first edition is signed by Mustapha Khayati
• Conseil pour le Maintien des Occupations (leaflets and posters issued by this group)
• As well as numerous other original leaflets, pamphlets, posters, etc. by the SI

2.2 Works by members of the Internationale Situationniste – ~350 items, including:
• Bernstein, Michèle (select original publications)
• Chasse, Robert (select original publications and one mimeographed letter)
• De Jong, Jacqueline (Situationist Times, issues 1-6 ; full run ; all issues signed by De Jong)
• Debord, Guy (significant archive, including original correspondence, artist books Mémoires and Fin de Copenhague, and 50+ distinct editions of La Société du Spectacle)
• Khayati, Mustapha (select original publications, including 6 distinct editions of Adresse aux Revolutionnaires d’Algerie et de Tous les Pays and Sulta-Al-Majaliss, an SI-influenced arab language periodical)
• Jorn, Asger (select original publications, including Pour la Forme)
• Nash, Jorgen (select original publications, including a full run of Drakabygget)
• Rumney, Ralph (select original publications, including The Leaning Tower of Venice)
• Sanguinetti, Gianfranco (select original publications, including Il Secreto e Dirlo)
• Straram, Patrick (select original publications, including Cahier Pour un Paysage à Inventer)
• SPUR (issues 1-7; full run + original correspondence around the SPUR trial)
• Vaneigem, Raoul (significant holdings, including 7 distinct editions of “Banalités de Base”, 10 distinct editions of Traité de Savoir-Vivre and 2 erotic novels written pseudonymously)
• Vienet, René (significant holdings, including DVDs of films, film synopsis and film posters for all his major films)
• As well as original publications by Constant (Nieuwenhuys), Frey/Garnault/Holl, Chris Gray, Jon Horelick, Giuseppe Pinot-Gallizio, Charles Radcliffe, Rene Riesel, Gianfranco Sanguinetti, and others
3. Pro/Post-Situationist groups and publications (1960s-Present) (~1,000 items)

3.1 American pro/post-Situationist –~330 items, including:
• Against Sleep & Nightmare (issues 1-8; full run)
• Black & Red (issues 3-6)
• Black Mask (issues 1-6, 8-9)
• Bureau of Public Secrets (i.e., Ken Knabb) (significant holdings)
• Caribbean Situationist / Fundi (select origin-al publications)
• Contradiction (select original publications)
• End of Prehistory (select original publications)
• For Ourselves (select original publications)
• Michigan Anarchist coalition (select original publications)
• More to Come (select original publications)
• Negation (select original publications)
• No Middle Ground (issues 1-4; full run)
• Not Bored! (i.e., Bill Brown) (select issues)
• Operationist Group (significant holdings)
• Point-Blank! (select original publications)
• Processed World (issues 1-32, 2.001 and 2.005; full run + select original publications)
• Reinvention of Everyday Life (select original publications)
• Smile by Shiz-Flux (issues 1-6; full run)
• Upshot (i.e., John & Paula Zerzan) (significant holdings)
• As well as original publications by Isaac Cronin, Robert Cooperstein, Fredy Perlman, Chris Shutes, and others

3.2 British pro/post-Situationist – ~250 items, including:
• Anti-Clock Wise (i.e., Richard Turner) (issues 1-20; full run)
• B.M. Blob (i.e., David & Stuart Wise) (several original publications)
• B.M. Chronos (i.e., Michel Prigent) (significant holdings)
• B.M. Combustion / Spontaneous Combustion (i.e., Nick Brandt) (significant holdings)
• DAta Miners et Travailleurs Psychiques (DAMTP) (issues 1-15; full run to date)
• Heatwave (issues 1-2; full run)
• Infopool (i.e., Jakob Jakobsen) (issues 1-8; full run)
• King Mob (issue 1-6; full run)
• London Psychogeographical Association Newsletter (issues 1-17 and 19-21)
• Manchester Area Psychogeographic (issues 1-9; full run)
• Pleasure Tendency (select original publications)
• Spectacular Times (issues 1-14; full run)
• The Spectacle (select original publications)
• Vague (select issues with Situationist content)
• As well as original publications by Stewart Home, Fabian Tompsett, and others

3.3 French pro/post-Situationist – ~375 items, including:
• Ab Irato (issues 5-7; incomplete run)
• L’Achevement (issues 1-8; full run + select original publications)
• L’Affranchi (issues 1-11; full run)
• Los Amigos de Ludd (issues 1-8; full run)
• Association Contre le Nucléaire et son Monde (ACNM) (select original publications)
• Associés Autonomes (i.e., Jaime Juan Garcia) (significant holdings)
• La Banalyse (select original publications)
• La Bibliothèque des Emeutes (issues 1-8 ; full run)
• De Bello Civili (issues 1-3; full run)
• Bibliothèque des Emeutes (issues 1-8; full run)
• Michel Bounan (complete publications)
• Dérive urbaine (issues 1-6 ; full run)
• L’Echaudée (issues 1-5; full run to date)
• L’Encyclopédie des Nuisances (issues 1-15; full run + select original publications)
• Les Fils de M. Hyde (issues 1-6 ; incomplete run)
• Les Fossoyeurs du Vieux Monde (issues 2 & 4 ; incomplete run)
• La Guerre Sociale (issues 1-7 ; full run)
• L’Homme au Foyer (issues 1-8 ; full run)
• Interférences (issues 1-10 ; incomplete run)
• Le Monde à l’Envers (i.e., Jean-Louis Paul) (issues 2-3 ; incomplete run)
• Mordicus (select issues; incomplete run)
• Oiseau-Tempete (issues 1-11, 13; incomplete run – issue 12 missing)
• Os Cangaceiros (select publications)
• Les Societaires du Spectacle (all issues 1990-1998; incomplete run)
• Tiqqun (issues 1-2; full run + select original publications)
• Tout doit partir (issues 0-6; full run)
• Trillaud, André (select original publications)
• Vaseline (issues 1-7 ; full run)
• Voyer, Jean-Pierre (significant holdings)
• As well as original publications by Guy Bodson, Jean-Francois Martos, and others

3.4 Japanese pro/post-Situationist – ~15 items, including:
• Various English language items related to the “Zengakuren” movement


4. Publications about the Internationale Situationniste (~300 items)

• Bibliographies of the Internationale Situationniste and its aftermath by Beni, Bill Brown, Simon Ford, Shigenobu Gonzalvez, J-J Raspaud & J-P Voyer,.
• Books and pamphlets about the Internationale Situationniste by Jean-Marie Apostolidès, Christophe Bourseiller, Laurent Chollet, Boris Donné, Vincent Kaufmann, J-F Martos, Anna Trespeuch-Berthelot, McKenzie Wark, etc.).
• Various auction and bookseller catalogs (e.g., Lecointre Drouet, Jean-Yves Lacroix, etc.)
• Various exhibition catalogs (Boston, Paris, London, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Basel, etc.) and related ephemera
• Various dissertations and university theses
• Various issues of magazines and press clippings (150+ articles, mostly in French press)


5. Press coverage about the Internationale Situationniste (~200 items)

• Various issues of magazines and press clippings (mostly in French press)