[WYCKAERT, Maurice] DEBORD, G[uy] E[rnest]; BERNSTEIN, M[ichele]; ZIMMER, H.P.; STURM, H[elmut]; PREM, H[elmut]. [CORRESPONDENCE – Exclusion letter] Liebe Maurice…Munich, 17 April 1961. 1 p.; 21 x 27 cm.; black and blue inks on white stock.

Typed and signed letter from Guy Debord and members of Gruppe SPUR to Maurice Wyckaert explaining that he is no longer a member of Situationist International.

Guy Debord and the S.I. had gotten into conflict with Otto Van de Loo, and Wyckaert had yet to choose sides. On a letter to the SPUR group dated 29 March 1961, Debord had already expressed concerns with Wyckaert: “[His] attitude in Munich was very suspect (too friendly towards Van de Loo) and nothing was done. (Wyckaert must also explain himself to you, but, judging from the letter from Heimrad and Hekmut, he appears to have explained nothing to you.)” He had also given the painter a clear ultimatum: He had to choose between his gallerist and the S.I. “After Van de Loo acted in this fashion, we can not keep in the SI a single artist who works with Van de Loo. Jorn has left Van de Loo. And Wyckaert must also choose to leave Van de Loo immediately or leave the SI (I still do not know what Wyckaert will choose: if he chooses Van de Loo, which seems very possible to me, the SI will treat Wyckaert as an enemy)” (see http://www.notbored.org/debord-29March1961.html)

Wyckaert ultimately sided with the German gallerist. Debord followed through with the threat, excluding him from the S.I. The Belgian painter is also asked to give back all S.I. publications that remain in his possession .