Renoir, Alexis (pseud?). Papillons de Paris: quinze papillons autocollants a decouper. Paris: Rendre la honte plus honteuse, Mars 2016. Edition of 50 (ours no. 39). 15 self-adhesive stickers (various formats) printed on 9 thick pages (21 x 30 cm.), loosely laid inside a black enveloppe  (23 x 32 cm.).Also includes an explanatory statement, printed on a single semi-transparent sheet of paper.

As the author indicates, these stickers were posted across Paris (as well as distributed through the internet) in late 2015 and early 2016. The self-proclaimed objective was to publicly denounce Jean-Marie Apostolides’ biography of Guy Debord, released by Flammarion in 2015 under the title Debord, le naufrageur. Apostolides’ biography was indeed divise – lauded by some, it was severely denounced by others. As usual, this blog takes a strictly bibliographical stance and the choice to present this document does not reflect any ideological positioning.

A Professor of French emeritus at Stanford University, J-M Apostolides is also the author of Les Tombeaux de Guy Debord, précédé de “Guy-Ernest en jeune libertin. Paris:Exils, 1999 ; Paris: Flammarion, 2006. He has edited or co-edited numerous works on “minor” figures of the Internationale Situationniste, such as Ivan Chtcheglov or Patrick Straram.

While many of the stickers rely on puns and detournements (and are thus difficult to translate), we have attempted to transcribe the meaning of the first half below:

1) Marc Dachy is dead, Apostolides is alive…It’s a double tragedy for honest thinking

2) If you read Jean-Marie Apostolides out loud for ten minutes, you will get a bad breath

3) She had Apostolides from behind

4) Mr. Jean-Marie Apostolides is an old fart

5) Against Jean-Marie Apostolides’ stupidity, the Gods themselves struggle helplessly

6) Mr. Jean-Marie Apostolides is a pig

7) Shige Gonzalvez, Jean-Marie Apostolides. These are public men: they have left the shadows to be dragged into the mud